Friday, June 3, 2016

Where has the time gone? Running and Life updates!

Wow! These last couple of months have just flown by, so much has happened. I welcome June as another month of challenges and obstacles that I will fight to over come! 
Last I left off I was getting ready for a big hike up in Flagstaff. My running buddy was pulling on his leash and acting strange. An emergency trip to the vet office while on vacation revealed his chest cavity was filled with fluid, their office was not able to help him and they did not think he would survive the trip back to Phoenix.  Fast forward 2 weeks in the emergency animal clinic, he was diagnosed with Valley Fever which caused a heart attack and damaged his lungs. The first few weeks, his prognosis was not good, they didn't think he would survive. At only 2 years old we just would not accept this. We made sure he had the best care and we stayed with him 24/7, not a single second was he left alone. We carried him from room to room because he couldn't walk. We fed him with a syringe to keep him going and loved him more than we thought possible. 2 1/2 months later he is slowly on the mend. His latest test results were not the best, still highly infected with Valley Fever. But we see bits of him returning, back to a little walk, a little growl every now and then... 
My little mister will never be able to run again due to permanent heart and lung damage. My first run without him I cried. 

He is sad when he sees me get ready to run without him

Back to my running... this all happened in March so my running was put on the back burner. I still managed to squeeze a few miles in:

March 2016: 26.9 Miles

By the time April rolled around and we started a routine with Winston I was able to refocus on my running. 
April 2016: 48.2 Miles

May 2016: 63 Miles

I don't like change. Adjusting to all the change that has been going on has been stressful. Both my girls are now high schoolers, and have been involved in some kind of sport every day. Working, driving, raising kids, having a hubby and caring for a sick puppy all could have been excuses not to run. And although I missed some running days in the start, I was able to regain control and hit the pavement. I never really ran a ton of miles, 3-5 miles a few times a week is good enough for me. 

My current goals:
I am ay 35% of my running goal for mileage
I did find a running partner which has made those longer runs a lot easier. 
I am still 100% committed to food prep.
Hiking is still on the back burner
Cross train: I did try yoga at a studio!

My worries about summer are still here:

June 2016:
Cross country training starts tomorrow. We have new coaches this year and they have some pretty big shoes to fill. Both my girls will be competing against each other... this should make training and racing very interesting!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Another Successful month of Running!

I am happy to say that I have another successful month of runs behind me! It was another difficult month to squeeze in my runs between basketball and track and field for my girls. I could have had an excuse everyday not to run, so I made sure to have excuses to run!

Feb 1, 2016
3.18 Miles
48 temps! Loved it, running in shorts and t-shirt

Feb 2, 2016
4.41 Miles
43 temps! Ran with the zombies

Feb 4, 2016
4.47 Miles
61 temps. Chased by a wild dog... so scared!

Feb 5, 2016
1.50 hours of hard core basketball
Parents Vs Kids 

I am wearing the orange shorts... nothing but net on that basket!

Feb 6, 2016
4.42 Miles
72 temps!?

Feb 8, 2016 
3.08 Miles

Feb 9, 2016
4.39 Miles

Feb 12, 2016
5.29 Miles
81, ran the streets and hit every red light

Feb 14, 2016
3.07 Miles
63 Had to get my Valentines day run in
Last run of a 42 year old!

Birthday desert!
Feb 17,2016
3.13 Miles
First run as a 43 year old!

Feb 18, 2016
4.39 Miles

Feb 19, 2016
4.49 Miles
Ran with a friend

Feb 20, 2016
2.69 Miles

Feb 22, 2016

3.07 Miles
81 hot and windy

Feb 23, 2016
4.38 Miles

Feb 25, 2016
4.40 Miles
81 hot and dry

Feb 28, 2016
5.45 Miles
79 ran as the sun was setting

As this month comes to an end, I have completed 17% of my running goal. I never gave myself time to come up with a reason not to run. I just put on my running clothes and ran. I have slightly increased my mileage because I know that I am missing some runs because of my girl's activities. We had the highest recorded temps for February in Arizona. We went from the 40's to the high 80's in just a few days!

I am worried about maintaining my runs during the summer. My mind keeps thinking, should I add some work out videos into the mix? Just accept that I will not be running as many miles? Bump all my running to super early weekend mornings? I don't know,  I know I will survive either way, just as I have the last few summers, but I still worry.

I think we are planning for a big hike coming up soon and I am really excited about it. I am really curious to see how I do on this hike. We hiked the same one back in 2012 when I was out of shape, and 2013 when I was in my best shape. I am looking forward to comparing how I hiked it in the past and how I will hike it now.

Miles run in February: 61 miles

Looking forward to staying on track for the month of March!

My current plan:
Find a running a partner. 
Get back into hiking.
Cross train.
Keep meal prepping.

I am still meal prepping, everything else is still in the works!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Keep Running! 2013, 2014, 2015... 2016 what is the Plan?

I decided with the start of the New Year, I should take the opportunity and plan for a successful year and set myself a running goal. Running 780 miles this year, I think if I push hard it will be an obtainable goal. Looking at my past stats January to January, I know this will be a hard goal to reach but I want to give it my best effort.

2013: 715
2014: 580
2015: 412

2013: I first started running, I was obsessed! It was all I did for the entire year, and felt guilty if I wasn't running.

2014: Tried to find a happy balance between running and living. 

2015: Tried to stay focused, tried to maintain with food prepping and time management. 

While I was running today sweating my ass off in 81 temps I was asking myself why am I doing this? Why am I out running, feeling like I am going to pass out from heat exhaustion?? A healthy lifestyle? fitting into skinny jeans? setting a good example for my kids? Do I really love to run? Do I really love my aches and pains? Do I really enjoy some days not being able to stand on my poor feet?  I do think it keeps me sane, level headed, and not as stressed out. I know I miss it when I can't run, I know I think about it when I am too busy to run, I know I think about it when I see someone else running. I know I can't just stop, I know I can't give up. So I will keep going!

I am a planner so these are things on my list to help me succeed:

Find a running a partner. 
Get back into hiking.
Cross train.
Keep meal prepping.
Every Sunday!

I decided to go with my "no excuses" to make January a successful run month for me, and it worked. I squeezed in the runs and made each one count.

Jan 1, 2016
Miles run: 4.50

Jan 2, 2016
Miles run: 3.14

Jan 3, 2016
Miles run: 3.12

Jan 5, 2016
Miles run: 5.34
Ran in the rain

Jan 7, 2016
Miles run: 4.36
Ran with the Zombie app

Jan 8, 2016
Miles run: 3.05

Jan 9, 2016
Miles run: 4.43

Jan 11, 2016
Miles run: 3.48

Jan 12, 2016
Miles run: 3.07

 My favorite running outfit

Jan 15, 2016
Miles run: 4.38

Jan 16, 2016
Miles run: 3.06
Ran with the XC coach, 37 and amazing
Jan 18, 2016
Miles run: 4.52
Jan 19, 2016
Miles run: 4.39

Jan 21, 2016
Miles run: 4.37

Jan 23, 2016
Miles run: 4.48

Jan 26, 2016
Miles run: 4.38

Jan 27, 2016
Miles run: 4.32

Jan 30, 2016
Miles run: 5.07
Ran with a friend

January Miles run: 73.50

One of my highest mileage months! I am already running into February and horrified that we are already seeing temps of over 80!! We never had a winter this year, what kind of summer does that mean for us here in Arizona?

Thursday, December 31, 2015

So long 2015! Hello 2016! New Year: New Running Goals!

Happy New Year!

So long 2015! As always I won't miss you one bit! Will I ever look back and say I had a great year?? As the years blur together and I just wonder how it was that I survived. It was a better year than 2014 so I will just go with that.

My problem with this past year was time. With 2 teenagers at different schools, both in cross country and basketball, I often needed to be at 2 places at the same time. Games ran one after the other as I drove from school to school for each kid I watched my run time become less and less. I will spare the details about the hot Arizona summer and my new work schedule but this played a huge role in my time management. Between all the commitments we have in our daily lives, it seems that running was on the bottom of the list. Working, cooking, cleaning and shuttling 2 teenage girls around to their sports activities, I was just too tired to run afterwards or it was too hot.

I will never give up. I know that this time with the girls will go by so fast, so it is important for me to be with them. I don't want to look back on my life 10 years from now and say oh I missed your games and activities because I was running. I will never give up at trying to have it all! 

So with 2016 just around the corner, my goal is to keep trying. To find a happy  place between work, house, teens, and running. I hope to find a few running friends this year and I am looking for an accountability buddy.

I hope that everyone has a safe and wonderful 2016!  

Here is my update for November 2015:
Finished up High School Cross Country and started High School Basketball. Started Junior High Cross Country)

I had to take some time off for Plantar Factitious. I stretched, rolled on a frozen water bottle and picked up shoe inserts and was back on the mend.

Nov 2, 2015
3.05 miles So hot

Nov 3, 2015
2.57 Miles

Nov 4, 2015
3.95 Miles

Nov 5, 2015
3.06 Miles 
63 and amazing outside

*no running:Plantar Factitious*

Nov 15, 2015
3.04 miles
Ran in the rain

Nov 17, 2015
3.48 Miles
59 and awesome

Nov 18, 2015
3.13 Miles
59 and dark

Nov 26, 2015
4.06 Miles
Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 30, 2015

30 Miles Run

Welcome December! One of the best months to live in Arizona! I'm still running in a t-shirt and shorts!
(High School Basketball season in full swing. End of Junior High Cross Country)

Dec 1, 2015
3.18 miles
47 Was too hot to wear my Heat32 shirt!

Dec 2, 2015
3.06 Miles

Dec 4, 2015
3.06 Miles
Back to 72! :(

Dec 5, 2015
.45 Miles
Ran to my Mom's house
3.13 Miles
Ran the wash at 72

Dec 6, 2015
3.13 Miles
Global 5K with Runkeeper 72 degrees!

Dec 8, 2015
3.35 Miles
Dark and 61 tshirt and shorts

Dec 13, 2015
Ran the wash 54

Dec 14, 2015
3.49 Miles
54, cloudy, rainy and sunny 

Dec 15, 2015
3.49 miles
52 tshirts and shorts

Dec 17, 2015
4.34 miles
Ran the square while Basketball Practice was going on

Dec 19, 2015
4.46 Miles
First run in my new Saucony Trail Runners 

Dec 21, 2015
3.04 Miles
61 tshirt and shorts still sweating my ass off

Dec 26, 2016
.46 Hiked
Attempted to hike in Moab Utah. 27 Icy, cold and windy
Gemini Bridges

3.04 Miles
Ran around Moab. 27 and freezing. Still was amazing.
Wore long running pants, hat, gloves, Heat32 and wind breaker. Started sweating just over 1.5 miles in

Dec 29, 2015
4.49 Miles 
Ran along the wash

Dec 31, 2015
My last run of 2015
 3.66 Miles

Miles Run December 2015: 53

Total miles run for 2015: 412

2012- 2015

Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

So long Arizona Summer! I won't miss you one bit! Back to my regular scheduled running program!

I really struggled this past summer with my running and my work schedule plus my family's schedule. I really need to consider doing some kind of cross training that can be done indoors so I don't have regrets about my summer workouts.

SO summer is officially over in Arizona! We pretty much went from 100 down to the 60's in a matter of a few days. This now means I can run at anytime, and I am super excited about it. My time as always is limited with the activities my girls are in, but this really opens up more opportunity for me to squeeze in the time for my running! 

Catching up on my mileage:

September 2015
Running: 30 Miles
Hiking: 4.3
Temps in the month of September were still 100+

We had crazy hot, dry and windy days, I took this while running:

Ran my 2nd Beat The Heat 5K

I hiked with the local high school cross country team in the San Tan Mountains. They are such a good group, we had a great time.

October 2015
Running 26.8 Miles
Hiking 4.9

We spent some time up at Lo Lo Mai In Cornville AZ
It rained for 3 days! It made for some wet, muddy runs!
 We also hiked Devils Bridge, which was the scariest hike I have ever done. The trail was steep and narrow and the bridge was over a large canyon. 

Then we hiked the Vultee Arch trail in Sedona, and I loved it! Narrow and flat trail in the canyon:

Temps were still in the 80's come October. I started a new vitamin regimen:

One a day for women over 50
Vitamin D
Joint juice

Picked up some new Saucony sneakers  

Oct 24, Plantar Factitious...

That catches me up... November is here and I am chugging along. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

So Long Arizona Summer.... ALmOST! Updates, I ran a 5K Race! My third year running Anniversary!

It is really hard to believe that I have just past my 3rd year running anniversary! This past year has been by far the hardest year of my life in general. To tell you the truth I am surprised I managed to run at all! 

To recap some of my lows:
I was involved in a car accident
My son moved away from home
My beloved Kimber passed away
My best friend moved away
Change in work Schedule
Two teenage girls
High school sports

All of these could have been great reasons for me to throw my hands in the air and give up. There were many days that running never even crossed my mind, the only thing on my mind was surviving through the day. I struggled more often than I care to admit. But as they say time heals and well I guess it does. But it for sure is a slow and painful process. And while I like to think I am at the start of my up swing, and summer is coming to an end in Arizona, my running will once again find its place in my life. 

So the good part is, that I did run. Not as often as I wanted, but I still kept it going and I have no regrets on how this past year went. I do look at my yearly miles with some sadness but quickly remember what this year has been like and realistically have just come to accept it. 

So I will do my catch up:

Miles run for August: 35.7
Walked: 5.5

2013 miles run: 719
2014 miles run: 734
2015 miles run: 469

As always I move forward with the hopes of continuing my running, and staying injury free!

I am also super excited to share that I did complete a 5K race! I DO NOT like to race, my nerves always get the best of me! But my daughter is a cross country runner in high school and they put on the Beat the Heat 5k Race as a fund raiser, so I really wanted to join in. And I am super happy to say that I placed 3rd for my age division:

Being shocked when my name was called is an understatement! I was seriously so happy I could not stop smiling! My running recap can be found here which is pretty much the same except I am proud to say, that my daughter was now a part of the set up and it was awesome!

I have been lucky to be able to join in on some activities with the cross country team (which makes my heart so happy!) We all went up to Sole Sports for activities and a run around Tempe so I had my running checked:


And happy to report my Saucony sneakers are perfect for me!

So as far as my weight loss, I am still at the same weight. I credit 100% to my food prep and meal planning that has helped me maintain while my running decreased. You can see my meal plan here.

I have no other photos to share, other than my Mister:
His head really is that big compared to his body! He is my running buddy, and he is the sweetest little guy ever! I plan on catching up with some of my old running blogging friends soon!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Arizona Summer is No GOOD for a Runner! But I'm still Running!

Aack! I cannot believe we slipped into August and I didn't post anything! Summer in Arizona is seriously just the worst! It is so HARD to do anything outside! My girls are back at school already and this is the last year they will be at different schools! I now have a Freshmen and an 8th grader! Both trained all summer long for basketball, cross country and weight training, they spent all day at the school gym while I worked, they are so lucky!

I have been SLOWLY running along, not as much as I want to (of course what else is new??) But I am moving forward as I always do. 

I'll spare all the boring details on my runs and break it down monthly, but before I do I'll share some cuteness:

June 2015 
Running 31.9 miles
Walking: 19.3 miles

July 2015
Running 20.5 miles
Walking: 6.6 miles

So sad I know! 

Between a terrible work schedule, two teens, and everything in between squeezing in running has been difficult. It would have been so much easier if I could have run at anytime, but with the records heats (112++) it just wasn't possible. 

But I am determined, as always to keep trying to find away. I searched my photos and only had 1 related to running, my new sneakers:

I am planning on doing a 5K in less than 1 month so I really need to get on a schedule sooner than later. 

I will be posting all about my 3 year running anniversary! My struggles, my motivation, my weight loss maintenance and all the other things I will want to look back on a remember!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Meal Planning for the Arizona Summer ahead and My Runs for May 2015!

With summer here in Arizona I decided it was time to slowly start changing my habits to make it through the next few months. I know that  my mileage will decrease just because of the limited time that I am able to run outside in the summer months. With temps reaching 100+, my work schedule changing and the commitment my kids have in sports I knew it was time to put a plan into action.

I have been successfully able to maintain my weight loss while eating responsibly, I still enjoy eating out and eating candy so my running has allowed me to enjoy food and not worry constantly about it. But knowing that summer is here I decided to put more of an effort into better eating. That means meal planning, prepping, and preparing ahead of time. 

I started out with a pretty basic menu and then branched off and made adjustments and changes as I went along, This gave me a really good starting point to see how much I eat and what I need at what times during the day.

Shopping list:

I did a lot of on line searching to come up with a basic menu. The idea I went with was as much organic, clean food. Nothing processed, minimal sugars. I had to be able to read all the ingredients and know what they were.

Because I have to be up for work at 4:30 am and I usually hit the bed around 10:00 ish I had to add an extra morning snack and late snack.

Here is a sample day:

Eggs with veggies (made ahead of time)
chicken, brown rice, broccoli
tomato slices with slice of cheese
greek yogurt with granola
Dinner: Turkey breast with mixed veggies
cup of fresh fruit
triscuits with slice of cheese

lots of water

I mix veggies with eggs in a muffin tin then bake in the oven, this is what I eat as my breakfast, I just pop it in the microwave before work:

Preparing my fruits and veggies on Sunday makes my week go much easier, it takes the guess work out of what I will be eating and with everything already clean and ready to be eaten I am less likely to grab for something unhealthy.

 I always make a little extra dinner then use the left over for my lunch the next day. 

At the end of the week I take all the left overs and make a stir fry with organic teriyaki  sauce, this is my food for the weekend:

I take all my left over fruit and make a fruit smoothie:

I also have to live a life with my family so when we went to Red Lobster, I skipped the chicken alfredo and cheddar biscuits for this:

Will I eat like this forever?? No! As a matter of fact I ate clean for 2 weeks and took a mini vacation with my family and enjoyed this:

I really want to be healthy, but I also want to enjoy time out with my family and let's face it, that always includes food! It's all good in moderation! 

Some pointers:

When making my meal plan, I took into consideration days that I would be at home, easier meals on days the kids had activities and when the food I purchased would be at it's freshest. 

I made a shopping list as I made my menu. While I shopped if I saw an item or came up with an idea I added that to the next week's menu and a second shopping list. I ended up keeping an ongoing shopping list of what I really needed so I didn't over buy food. Shopping for this 3rd week seemed a lot easier because I knew exactly what to buy.

The first week, I carried my menu around with me so I was sure to stay on track.  By week 2 I just read my menu before I headed to work, packed only what I was going to eat, then checked it once I got home for the rest of my meals. 

I pretty much have no problem eating the same foods over and over. My kids not so much. So I did stock up with some organic kid friendly options like mac and cheese, fresh turkey cold cuts, vegetarian chili etc so they have more of a variety.

When it comes to fruit I only purchase what is on sale, because I know it is at it's ripest and best tasting. My fruit never gets boring doing it this way because the fruit is always in rotation. Any left over fruit that doesn't get made into a smoothie I freeze and use it if I need additional fruit for my meal plan the following week.

2 weeks in and I lost 4 lbs. I call them solid pounds because I haven't gained them back as I travel into week # 3.

May 3, 2015
Miles run: 3.07

May 4, 2015
Miles run: 4.48 

May 5, 2015
Miles run: 3.05

May 18, 2015
Miles run: 3.05

May 19, 2015
Miles run: 3.06

May 20, 2015
Miles run: 3.04

May 24, 2015
Miles run: 3.06

May 25, 2015
Miles run 3.05

May 26, 2015
Miles run 3.04

May 30, 2015
Miles Walked: 2.24

Miles run for May 2015: 28.9

And some Cuteness:


Sunday, May 3, 2015

No excuses... That was my excuse to run! My Mileage for April 2015

After my decline in mileage over the last few months, I really reevaluated my time management.  I never considered myself a "time waster", I don't watch TV, I don't sit around; I am always on the go. So it was not easy to tell myself for the Month of April, when it comes to running there are NO EXCUSES. So with that mind set I went into the month of April with my goal of running Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with a minimum of 3 miles. Friday and Saturday off.

I had a goal and I went for it. Every time my mind or body or someone in the family gave me a good excuse not to run, I remembered my NO Excuses and ran anyways. So... how did I do??

April 2, 2015
3.39 miles

April 3, 2015
4.34 Hiked in Prescott
.69 Hiked in Prescott

April 5, 2015
4.88 miles

April 6, 2015
5.29 miles

April 7, 2015
2.29 miles
Brea got sick along the way and had to stop

April 8, 2015
3.29 miles

April 9, 2015
3.07 miles

April 12, 2015
3.67 miles

April 13, 2015
3.37 miles

April 14, 2015
4.28 miles

April 15, 2015
3.05 miles
My body is starting to feel sore!

April 16, 2015
3.04 miles

April 19, 2015
3.22 miles
starting to get hot! 81

April 20, 2015
3.06 miles

April 21, 2015
4.11 miles
84 degrees!

April 22, 2015
3.07 miles

April 26, 2015
3.05 miles

April 27, 2015
4.49 miles

April 30, 2015
3.23 miles 91

Total miles for April 2015
63.9 miles run!

Yippee! I am super excited that I was able to run that amount of mileage! It was NOT always easy, and I did miss 1 or 2 days but my no excuses when I wanted an excuse worked! I hope to have another great upcoming month. I do need to be realistic because I live in Arizona and we are already in temps of over 101. 

What I noticed:
I was sore! Yes finally my muscles and my body ached like they used to! I pushed myself and I could feel the difference.
I do run a little slower, mainly because I now have my puppy in tow and he does like to sniff around.

I still needed to convince myself to run, and each run I said wow this does not get any easier!
I still have issues with leg cramps from running at night. The thought of running in the am brings tears to my eyes! 
My work schedule has changed and now I am leaving for work at 5:30 am... how could I run in the morning?? I would have to wake up at 3:00!

That's my update! I plan to continue with no excuse and keep up with running more mileage!

My running stats

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My running for the Month of March 2015! Updates and goals for the future!

I tried to keep my running going through the month of March, but I was not as successful as I had hoped. I ran but not as often as I wanted to! I just keep plugging away!

Here are my stats for March 2015

March 2:
Miles run: 3.06
Cool run after the rain

March 9
Miles run: 3.04
Got some new sneakers

March 10
Miles run: 3.94

March 11
Miles run: 3.06

March 17
Miles run: 3.47

Pilates: 45 minutes

March 22
Miles run: 3.48

March 23
Miles run: 3.49
Getting so hot!

March 24
Miles run: 3.47

March 31
Miles run 3.10
Ran with a horrible headache

Miles run for March 30.1

Pretty disappointing considering I ran 74.6 March of 2014

So what has changed? Well last year running was a priority above everything else. I ran, then I dealt with kids, household, work, crafts etc. But we all know that, that is temporary. This year my teens need me more, both are in braces, both are in junior high, my Hubby and I are now on opposite work schedules; the list goes on and on. Running is still a priority to me however it just seems my mind and my body are completely wiped out come time for the run. So I am trying really hard this month to balance all the things I want to do. My timing sucks since we are already in summer here and I would love for this to be my down time when it comes to running, but because of my decline in miles that will just not be an option. I see many sweaty, hot running nights ahead of me. Giving up is not an option for me. I remind myself how hard it was to get where I am, and I am NEVER going back. The last 3 years have been the healthiest years of my life. I also faced more struggles in the last 3 years than I care to remember. Each one could have been a reason for me to give up. Instead I used each one as a reason to keep going.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

And so I run and hike and live! Updates as the time flies past me!

I was reminded today how important it is to keep up my running blog! Even though it is boring it is still a great way for me to look back at where I have been and where I am headed. To remind me of how hard I have worked and how there were so many times I could have easily just given up but didn't.

 Getting ready to hike!

My recap:

January 2015 I ran 30.6 miles. 

My notes pretty much all say the same thing: temps between 55-63 and I am already complaining about sweating my ass off. Winston ran with me every run.

February  2015 I ran 30.8 miles.

Hiked: 12.1 miles
Walked: 3.71 miles

Hiked the Santan Goldmine Trail: It's a close to the house and easy trail to hike. 3.45 miles 1:16

 Hiked Peraltra trail (Weaver's Needle) 4.32 miles 2 hours
This is one of my favorite hikes:
Hiked the San Tan Gold Mine Steep side 2.18 miles 59 min 
Hiked it the next day 2.13 miles 52 min

 Hiked/ran with a 3rd time on March 3: 2 miles 39 min

As of March 9, 2015 I have only run 6.1 miles. I missed a few days of running when I pulled my back while having a coughing fit!

Anyways there is my update! Still slowly running along. Even though my miles have been down, I maintain a really healthy diet and my weight has stayed the same for at least the last 6 months. Summer is quickly moving in on Arizona and I have already dusted off the work out videos in hopes of staying active all summer long!