Sunday, May 3, 2015

No excuses... That was my excuse to run! My Mileage for April 2015

After my decline in mileage over the last few months, I really reevaluated my time management.  I never considered myself a "time waster", I don't watch TV, I don't sit around; I am always on the go. So it was not easy to tell myself for the Month of April, when it comes to running there are NO EXCUSES. So with that mind set I went into the month of April with my goal of running Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with a minimum of 3 miles. Friday and Saturday off.

I had a goal and I went for it. Every time my mind or body or someone in the family gave me a good excuse not to run, I remembered my NO Excuses and ran anyways. So... how did I do??

April 2, 2015
3.39 miles

April 3, 2015
4.34 Hiked in Prescott
.69 Hiked in Prescott

April 5, 2015
4.88 miles

April 6, 2015
5.29 miles

April 7, 2015
2.29 miles
Brea got sick along the way and had to stop

April 8, 2015
3.29 miles

April 9, 2015
3.07 miles

April 12, 2015
3.67 miles

April 13, 2015
3.37 miles

April 14, 2015
4.28 miles

April 15, 2015
3.05 miles
My body is starting to feel sore!

April 16, 2015
3.04 miles

April 19, 2015
3.22 miles
starting to get hot! 81

April 20, 2015
3.06 miles

April 21, 2015
4.11 miles
84 degrees!

April 22, 2015
3.07 miles

April 26, 2015
3.05 miles

April 27, 2015
4.49 miles

April 30, 2015
3.23 miles 91

Total miles for April 2015
63.9 miles run!

Yippee! I am super excited that I was able to run that amount of mileage! It was NOT always easy, and I did miss 1 or 2 days but my no excuses when I wanted an excuse worked! I hope to have another great upcoming month. I do need to be realistic because I live in Arizona and we are already in temps of over 101. 

What I noticed:
I was sore! Yes finally my muscles and my body ached like they used to! I pushed myself and I could feel the difference.
I do run a little slower, mainly because I now have my puppy in tow and he does like to sniff around.

I still needed to convince myself to run, and each run I said wow this does not get any easier!
I still have issues with leg cramps from running at night. The thought of running in the am brings tears to my eyes! 
My work schedule has changed and now I am leaving for work at 5:30 am... how could I run in the morning?? I would have to wake up at 3:00!

That's my update! I plan to continue with no excuse and keep up with running more mileage!

My running stats

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My running for the Month of March 2015! Updates and goals for the future!

I tried to keep my running going through the month of March, but I was not as successful as I had hoped. I ran but not as often as I wanted to! I just keep plugging away!

Here are my stats for March 2015

March 2:
Miles run: 3.06
Cool run after the rain

March 9
Miles run: 3.04
Got some new sneakers

March 10
Miles run: 3.94

March 11
Miles run: 3.06

March 17
Miles run: 3.47

Pilates: 45 minutes

March 22
Miles run: 3.48

March 23
Miles run: 3.49
Getting so hot!

March 24
Miles run: 3.47

March 31
Miles run 3.10
Ran with a horrible headache

Miles run for March 30.1

Pretty disappointing considering I ran 74.6 March of 2014

So what has changed? Well last year running was a priority above everything else. I ran, then I dealt with kids, household, work, crafts etc. But we all know that, that is temporary. This year my teens need me more, both are in braces, both are in junior high, my Hubby and I are now on opposite work schedules; the list goes on and on. Running is still a priority to me however it just seems my mind and my body are completely wiped out come time for the run. So I am trying really hard this month to balance all the things I want to do. My timing sucks since we are already in summer here and I would love for this to be my down time when it comes to running, but because of my decline in miles that will just not be an option. I see many sweaty, hot running nights ahead of me. Giving up is not an option for me. I remind myself how hard it was to get where I am, and I am NEVER going back. The last 3 years have been the healthiest years of my life. I also faced more struggles in the last 3 years than I care to remember. Each one could have been a reason for me to give up. Instead I used each one as a reason to keep going.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

And so I run and hike and live! Updates as the time flies past me!

I was reminded today how important it is to keep up my running blog! Even though it is boring it is still a great way for me to look back at where I have been and where I am headed. To remind me of how hard I have worked and how there were so many times I could have easily just given up but didn't.

 Getting ready to hike!

My recap:

January 2015 I ran 30.6 miles. 

My notes pretty much all say the same thing: temps between 55-63 and I am already complaining about sweating my ass off. Winston ran with me every run.

February  2015 I ran 30.8 miles.

Hiked: 12.1 miles
Walked: 3.71 miles

Hiked the Santan Goldmine Trail: It's a close to the house and easy trail to hike. 3.45 miles 1:16

 Hiked Peraltra trail (Weaver's Needle) 4.32 miles 2 hours
This is one of my favorite hikes:
Hiked the San Tan Gold Mine Steep side 2.18 miles 59 min 
Hiked it the next day 2.13 miles 52 min

 Hiked/ran with a 3rd time on March 3: 2 miles 39 min

As of March 9, 2015 I have only run 6.1 miles. I missed a few days of running when I pulled my back while having a coughing fit!

Anyways there is my update! Still slowly running along. Even though my miles have been down, I maintain a really healthy diet and my weight has stayed the same for at least the last 6 months. Summer is quickly moving in on Arizona and I have already dusted off the work out videos in hopes of staying active all summer long!

Monday, January 5, 2015

So long 2014! I won't miss you a bit! Well Hello there 2015, What do you have in store for me??

Hello 2015! Good-by 2014... I won't miss you a bit! 

My word for the year: Calm

So happy we are in a new year, I try not to wait for reasons to re-start when things are not flowing well but the timing of this new year is right on the money! 

I can already tell that I am in for a better year than last, BOTH my amazing girls made the basketball team! We are so super excited about this! They have practice every night which leaves me time to RUN!! Yippee! And my little Winston has been quite the running partner! He has been great to run with.

 Waiting to run!

My stats: 
Closed out 2014 at:
Miles Run: 580
Miles Hiked: 35

As always I hope to run more this year!

So let's see... Survived Christmas. Not in the usual way. We decided to pack up our camper and head just south of Benson Arizona to camp for the holidays at Kartchners Caverns.  It was freezing cold, dipped in the teens and snow flurried on Christmas! We had to seek cover in the camper due to high winds, it was quite exciting! The drive out there is long and boring. The campsite was for surely in the desert, dry, windy, flat and thorny! The campsites had a concrete pad, electric and water and thorny bushes. Since this is Kartchners Caverns this camp site has many more amenities than most because it is a tourist attraction. There is a tour of the caverns, a cafe, picnic tables, a gift shop and other stuff within walking distance of the sites. (Nothing included with your camping fee.) Another great feature was the well marked hiking trails. 

The first hike was the Foothills loop trail. It is a loop, which I like because there is no back tracking, there was also a turn off that you could hike up to get a better view. The trails are very well marked, and since it is a loop you really can't get lost. Its pretty easy, my girls 12 and 13 and experienced hikers had no issues, It is thorny and rocky and was windy. We layered up and took off jackets and hats as we hiked then put them back on as we descended down. It is about 2.5 miles but add some if you go up the turn off point. We hiked 3.09 miles and it took 1:18. 
Well marked trails:

Super thorny cactus:

The view:

The next hike we did was the Guindani Trail. Another loop trail. This hike was longer and a little more difficult.  Elevation: 4750’ at the park trailhead to over 5620’. The hike starts off pretty easy and you start hiking along the canyon wash. It was shaded and cold! The path becomes small and you have to single file hike. It is a steep climb up, you cross a few small streams, we came across some gates that you open and close and hit some snow and ice along the trail. We hit the summit about 2.70 miles in and ate lunch. It was windy and beautiful, We hit switchbacks on the way down surrounded by lots of straw grass. Make sure you look back, you can still see the openings to the abandoned mine caves (that is posted to stay away from) From our campsite we hiked 5.07 and it took 2:08 hours. 
  Map at the trail head:

Up we go:

 Some cactus:

What? Snow and ice?

The amazing view:

The camping in correlation with the hiking trails made this camping trip even better. There is just something about not having to drive to the trail head!

I had hopes of running the 2.5 mile loop, but loose rock and thorny terrain made it not ideal for running.

So that is it! Caught up on my close out of 2014. I am really looking forward to what this new year brings my way! I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, and healthy 2015!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What Happened to November?? Running and Updates!!

Welp I guess I missed all of November! I consider myself one tough cookie, but I won't lie these past few months have been rough! 

When I left off in October, Cross country at the middle school was just beginning. It was a crazy few weeks. Both my 12 and 13 year old girls competed so well against each other and between the 2 of them came in 1 and 2nd at every race. Yesterday was the final championship they placed 16th and 22nd out of 150+ girls! And another cross country season is behind us!

The last week of October I was involved in a car accident. Thank goodness no one was injured but I did total my car. It was my first accident, so it was really upsetting. One week later my doggie became very ill and was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer. They said she should live thru the holidays. She took a turn for the worst and I had to say goodbye to my love just a few days later. I can't even explain my broken heart. She was my girl, my friend. Faithful and loyal. Better than any real friend I ever had.

Some how by the Grace of God I managed to make it thru to December. Beaten down and broken I find myself trying really, really hard to stay positive. Even though I am grateful for so much, I can't help but to feel sad at my circumstances. 

Everyday I am hopeful. I was lucky enough to get a new vehicle. Which is way nicer than my old one. 

And my Husband brought me Winston:

He is my new running buddy! He LOVES to run! He is a natural runner and runs at my pace, how awesome is that?

He is a border terrier but looks more like a starving coyote and jack rabbit mix:

I know what you are all thinking, what a cutie right??

The loss of my transportation, the loss of my dog, the loss of friendships along the way has been a rough road. Running has helped me stay focus and purge all my bad mojo. I for sure didn't get the miles in I wanted to because of cross country but I live in Arizona so we have plenty of 70 degree weather going on right now and I am looking forward to catching up on some miles!

Here are some very general stats:

October 2014
Run: 41.50 miles
Hiked: 9.5

November 2014
Run: 28.00 miles

December 1 - 10, 2014
Run: 14.00 miles

Looking forward to another new year and a fresh start.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hello October! Missing in Action but still Running Along! My Running stats for September!

I took a mini vacation from my running blog. I have been busy with life and stuff, I'm still running and so happy that October is here in Arizona! Let's see where I left off...

My running Stats for September:
Sept 9, 2014 
Miles 3.07

Sept 10, 2014
Miles 3.10

Sept 11, 2014
Miles 3.14

Sept 15, 2014
Miles 5.36

Sept 16, 2014
Miles 3.03

Sept 18, 2014
Miles 3.10

Sept 22, 2014
Miles 3.10

Sept 23, 2014
Miles 1.24 (with Run Club)
Miles 3.10

Sept 24, 2014
Miles 3.08

Sept 25, 2014
Miles 1.90 (with Run Club)

Sept 30, 2014
Miles: 2.35 (with Run Club)
Miles 3.08

Update for September 2014:
Last of the Ridiculously Hot Arizona Sun! I won't miss you one bit!
Started running with the Middle School Run Club in preparation for Cross Country Season.
Miles run September 2014: 62.9

So Happy October is here which means the perfect weather to run in! My Goal: to stay injury free this season.

October 2, 2014
Miles: 2.85 (Run Club)

October 5, 2014
Miles: 3.08

October 9, 2014
Took a much needed vacation to Sedona Arizona.
 Hiked the West Fork Trail thru water:
We hiked about 10 miles, which just reminded me of why I started running; to be a better hiker! Oh how much I love to hike!!

Hiked: 10 miles 4 hours

I hiked this same trail 2 years ago here!

 October 10, 2014
Then I ran around the Loi Loi Springs Campground
Miles run: 3.05

 Glad to back blogging!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hello Cross Country Training!! And some Wal-Mart running clothes Score!

We are just weeks away and cross country season will be here! I'm excited for my girls (and for me!) Last year I was the assistant Cross Country Coach at the middle school and I LOVED it! So we will see what this year brings! 

Cross country training for us pretty much involves eating well balanced meals, and doing runs on a routine basis.  (Pretty scientific stuff right there!)

Sept 1, 2014
Miles: 3.08
Time: 34:07
Notes: Ran with Brea and Meg Still 100

Sept 2, 2014
Miles: 3.11
Time: 32:38
Notes: Super hot at 104
Runners Rush today, it was awesome
Ran with Brea and Meg

Sept 3, 2014
Miles: 3.16
Time: 34:01
Notes: Ran with Brea

Sept 4, 2014
Miles: 3.07
Time: 34:03
Notes: Ran with Brea

Sept 7, 2014
Miles: 3.08
Time: 33:28
Notes: Ran with Brea

Sept 8, 2014
Miles: 3.10
Time: 32:43
Notes: Ran on the rainiest day ever recorded in Arizona History

Scored some deals at Wal-mart! I didn't know they carried work out clothes!
Danskin Brand, some cute stuff: 

Ultra light weight running shorts on clearance for $5.00 each and running shirts for $3.00 each! Score!

Hope everyone is having a great running week!

Monday, September 8, 2014

My second year in Running! Before and after pictures! 2 Year running Anniversary!

It is hard to believe that I have just passed my 2 year running anniversary!! It is really hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I actually stuck with it! WOW!! I'm pretty proud of myself! I could have given up so many times, and there were so many times I wanted to. But I didn't! I just kept putting one foot in front of the other and it has gotten me here! 

So looking back I would tell myself:

It isn't always about speed. Slow and steady has gotten you really far and kept you healthy just stick with it.

Running really is a life style change, your whole life is different than it was 2 years ago. 

You really do feel the "need" to run.

You did learn how to run in the dark.

Running friends have come and gone, but you managed to keep going.

2 years ago, I was out of shape and was told I wasn't fit enough to join my Husband  hiking  down and out the Grand Canyon. It made me sad and he told me to get in shape and if I could he would take me the following year....

The entire year I ran, and ran and ran. 1 year later I hiked successfully in out and of the Grand Canyon....

I continued to run and have been running for just over 2 years now:

I have maintained a weight loss of 40 lbs. It hasn't always been easy, I haven't always wanted to run, but I know how easy it can be to slip into bad habits, and I just worked too hard to get to where I am!

 My Running stats 

2013: 719 Miles Run
2014: 734 Miles Run

1,392 Miles run over the last 2 years! Yippee! 

You can check out my one year running HERE

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Goodbye August, Hello September... Happy this month is over... Am I still a runner??

A few weeks have past and my sadness of my girls not making the teams has faded. The adjustment of us being on the other side of the glass "looking in" at all the activities that are going on at our middle school has been difficult.

I have put my frustration back into running, one of the few things that I actually have control over. The current running plan is Sunday through Thursday with Friday and Saturday off. Unfortunately we are still in temps of over 100, (108) today so I am night running. Both my girls are running with me.
So onto my running....

August 13, 2014
Miles: 3.10
Notes: 91 with 49% humidity even in the pitch dark

August 18, 2014 DoubleRun
Miles 2.59 
Notes: Ran with Meg
Miles: 3.07 
Notes Ran with Brea SO humid 93

August 19,2014
Miles 2.54
Notes: It was trying so hard to rain, which made it just another hot and humid run.
Ran with Brea

August 25, 2014
Miles 2.61
Notes: Ran with Brea

August 26, 2014
Miles: 3.09
Notes: Ran with Brea 91

August 27, 2014
Miles: 3.06
Notes: Ran with Brea and Meg 99

August 28, 2014
Miles: 3.07
Notes: Ran with Brea and Meg

August 31, 2014
Miles: 3.11
Ran with Brea and Meg

My stats for the Month of August 2014:
38.1 Miles run. One of my lowest month of mileage ever.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

July and August Updates!

So let's see where I left off... The anxiety of volleyball and cheer try-outs for my girls had put me over the edge as I waited to find out the decision. And my heart is sadden to say neither one made either team. This came as a complete shock for not only me but for my very athletic girls. The disappointment  for sure is the worst way to start off the new school year. I am not going to lie, I am angry, upset, sad and every emotion in between. I feel like I am in the mourning process of my girls not making these teams. So the last few weeks have been filled with sadness and struggle.

To add to my sadness my best friend Tam is moving away. Tam and I have been crafting and running friends for a few years.
Our fake smiles before our tears! 

As for my running, well I am running not as often or as fast or as far... just waiting for this Arizona summer to come to an end.

My running stats for July:
45.5 Miles Run

July 29, 2014
5.71 Miles

August 3, 2014
3.07 miles

August 4, 2014
2.78 Miles

August 5, 2014
2.91 Miles
Running my sadness away

August 10, 2014
 3.09 Miles
Nothing beats running in the rain. 

So that's my update. I do actually have a few goals, mostly which is routine. Get myself and girls into a better routine so that all the things we want to do can be squeezed into our day.

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Time to reflect and take a deep breath! Oh and some running!

Well I did something I never thought I would do... I took a break from running. Twelve days to be exact, the longest period of time I have gone without running since I started running almost two years ago. Not because I was injured, but because I just felt I had to. I now have 2 teenage girls that are starting junior high in just a few days. I wish I could say that the transition of my girls from "little" girls to young ladies has been an easy one, but I have struggled as I watched them grow and they slowly need me less and less. This entire summer was dedicated 100% to helping them achieve their goals to make the very competitive Volley ball and Cheer teams. Every single day an activity was planned to help them prepare for the try-outs. So while I was busy at work my girls came and went to activities driven by other parents, my parents and it was hard for me to not be there for every event, however once I hit the door it was my turn to drive, drop off, pick up and continue the very strict schedule of activities that were planned for the evenings. Normally a very healthy meal and sit down to family dinners quickly became trips to the drive thru and eating in the car. I would hit the pillow and would wake up with no memory of even making it to bed. My anxiety level was pushing me to the point of tears because of how out of control I felt I was rolling through the days. What could I do to lessen the feel of constantly paddling to keep my head above water?? Ahhh yes the running. Now normally running would NEVER be taken out of the equation but lets add in an Arizona Summer... Temperatures well above 112 and hitting records of 116. SO this forces me to only run before 6:00am or after 9:00pm...  It just wasn't possible. Trying to fit in running while I was usually already in the car to drop someone off or pick someone off made it pretty much impossible. Which made me come to the decision to cut it out of the equation to give my already over scheduled brain a rest.

So I find myself 12 days later, today is the day try-outs begin. Preparing for these try-outs is now a thing of yesterday. I went to sleep last night, praying and woke up this morning ready to run. 
I was ready to get back into routine knowing that I have done everything in my power to help my girls succeed and felt my anxiety quiet down just enough for me to get out there and get it done. Slow and steady, it just seems to be how I run best.

July 6, 2014
2.77 Miles
Start of the Monsoon 99 - 26%

July 8, 2014
5.70 Miles
So hot and humid  84 - 61%

July 12, 2014
5.67 Miles
84 - 45%

July 15, 2014
5.65 Miles
84 - 46%

July 16, 2014
2.59 Miles
93  (8:30 pm)
Felt like a melting snowman

July 28, 2014
2.83 Miles
81 - 61%

So today is the day try-outs begin, it will be a long week wondering if all the hard work they did over the summer will pay off. I hope to stay on track and keep my running back on my priority list.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hello July! My 17th Wedding Anniversary, and my running stats!

Hello July! 

The count down has begun! We are less than 30 days away and my girls start back at Junior High! I am hoping/expecting/praying for an amazing year!

2 crazy things happened while we were out running. First some crazy old man on a bicycle started screaming at us because he felt we were in his way, then goes off about how we shouldn't be running with plugs in. I start yelling back at him to take a chill pill and that we didn't even have plugs in, then called him an asshole. It was really bizarre since the trail has plenty of room for many people to run side by side. It made me wonder what kind of person would just randomly starts yelling at people like that?

Then just about 1 mile later we run into this snake:


July 1, 2014
Miles 5.68
Time: 59:18
Notes: Ran with Tam and Brea
Nasty old man on a bike
Snake on the trail

July 2, 2014
I missed my morning run, and decided to venture out after dark. Unfortunately in Arizona when the sun goes down, the temps stay high! My goal was not to pass out from over heating.

Miles: 3.21
Time: 34:48
Notes: So hot at 104
But I soooo needed to get out and run

July 4, 2014

My daughter made red white and blue cupcakes:

Today is my 17th Wedding Anniversary! Yup I got married on the 4th of July! Since it stormed last night it was hot and humid out today. The good thing was the sun was hiding in the clouds for most of the run.
Miles: 5.68
Time: 1:01
Notes: 81 degrees 61% humidity
So humid but no sun
It was Killer!
Ran with Tam and Brea

During dinner my Husband said, if someone had told him 5 years ago that I would be a runner, he would not have believed them. (I took it as a compliment.) I told him if someone told me 5 years ago I would be a runner I wouldn't have believed it either!

I hope everyone is having an amazing week!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Running Stats for the Month of June 2014! Darn you Dunkin Donuts Caramel Iced Coffee!!

I missed a few days of running and I was reading my posts from last summer wondering how I survived. I really enjoyed looking back and realizing how it was just as hot and just as hard a year ago as it is right now and I still got thru it.

I also regret not updating my blog more frequently these past few weeks to help remind myself of my struggles. So I plan on updating just a little bit more!

So this is what is keeping me going on my long crazy jam-packed days:

I was just getting one every once in a while and now I am hitting Dunkin Donuts 2X a day for their $.99 Caramel Iced coffee deal!! I am going to check the calories...
It's not good, 260 calories! And it's probably more because I get extra cream!

I'm totally addicted! I am running just to run off my coffee....
BooHoo! OK so I am going to have to cut this out of my diet! 

June 28, 2014 
Start time 6:00am 
Miles Run: 5.67
Times 58:51
Ran with Tam and with Brea

My stats for the month of June 2014:
Miles Hiked: 3.5
Miles Run: 47.5
(June 2013 47.8) 

Here are my new kicks for the summer:

 Aren't they the super cutest?

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Juice FAIL, My running stats for May and An update on my Summer!

May 27, 2014

Today is the start of my juice cleanse. I have no idea how I will do or if I will be able to do it but here goes! I will be writing this post daily but will only post it at the end.

RunningMiles: 3.16
Time: 31:28
Notes: 75

Breakfast 8:30 am:
3 carrots
2 apples
1" ginger

Notes: It is hard to get down. I don't think it's so much the flavor as it is the texture. Taking a sip then sipping water to help it down.

Update: This made me feel really nauseous, I ended up laying down for an hour!
Snack: 1:30

Still recovering from the nasty shit I drank earlier...
Pineapple, 1/2 banana, strawberries, blueberries

This went down with no problems and I feel a better than I did earlier. I felt full and nausea all day long, I skipped having any other juices because I felt so sick. Around 8:00 pm I was loosing my mind! LOL!

Ok so the juice cleanse was a horrible idea!! I made many mistakes, I tried doing this on days I would have to be at work.... FAIL. I should have tried the recipes first to make sure I could get them to go down. I disliked the taste of the first one so much, I will never ever eat another carrot as long as I live. I felt sick all day long and then came to realize this is just not for me! I need food. So I did what any starving over 40 year old woman would do.

I had grilled cheese and fries and instantly felt better:

I spent about $60.00 in all the ingredients that I ended up not using, I didn't let anything go to waste, my Mom now has some very healthy turtles who loved all the variety of veggies! I decided the best way for me is to just eat healthier:

and I am feeling much better and my ONE DAY juicing was just a BAD BAD memory!

AHAHA so moving on! 

5-28-14: 2.76

Fast Forward... 6/25/14

Summer is here in Arizona! Because of all the activities my girls are involved in after I get home from work, I'm too exhausted to even think about blogging! But I am still running right along! Last year I moved my running to the mornings because of the heat  and the transition was hard and painful. I cried on several occasions because I hated being up with the birds!  One year later... I am getting up early just fine! Since our temps are already at 108, if I miss my morning run, then I pretty much miss my run for the day because even at 9:00 pm it is still over 100.

Here are my stats for the last few weeks:
Running for the month of May: 65 miles

6-2-14: 3.17
6-3-14: 3.15
6-4-14: 3.18
6-7-14: 3.18
6.-7-14 3.52 - hiked
6-10-14: 3.05
6-12-14: 3.17
6-15-14: 4.06
6-16-14: 3.00
6-17-14: 3.90
6-18-14: 3.19
6-23-14: 3.16
6-24-14: 5.65

Because I have to leave for work in the mornings, I only have about 1/2 an hour that I can spend running. So my miles decrease during the summer. I have no problems with this. I know that I will make up for it when it turns back to winter in Arizona! I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My running for most of May!

May is quickly coming to an end and I have survived the last few weeks of school! I now have two junior high kids and summer is officially here in Arizona! These past few weeks I have tried to plan and organize, then re-plan and re-organize our summer plans. Both my girls are joining in on summer clubs this year, one for cheer and volleyball and the other one just for volleyball.   I bumped my running to nights but the leg cramps were too painful for me and kept me up most of the night. So I have recently switched back to running in the mornings. Last year I also switched to running in the mornings and the transition was really hard. My long days seemed to be just too long waking up so early. Hopefully the adjustment this year won't be so bad.

Anyways, I have been running slow and steady:

May 9, 2014 My New Record! Longest run:

Miles 7.31
Time: 1:17
Notes: Longest run! Yippee

May 12, 2014
Miles: 5.44
Time: 57:22
Notes: 79 degrees

May 13, 2014
Miles: 4.35
Time: 44:34
Notes: So windy, 73 degrees

May 18, 2014
Miles: 5.35
Time: 58:49
Notes: Love to be running!

May 19, 2014
Miles: 4.60
Time: 49:35

May 20, 2014
Miles: 5.62
Time: 1:02
Notes: First time I had to stop while running... more than once. Super bummed. Ran with Laura

May 21, 2014
Miles 3.72
Time: 40:00

May 25, 2014
Miles: 5.64
Time: 59:40
Notes: ran with Laura

May 26, 2014
Miles: 3.91
Time: 40:50
Notes: Ran with Brea 75